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Eyes on Oxford
Tel: (08) 9242 2342
217 Oxford Street
Leederville, Wa 6007


Welcome to Eyes on Oxford

Eyes on Oxford Optometrists have been in Oxford St Leederville since 1996.

We are proudly independent optometrists with a determination to provide personal, high quality, comprehensive eye and vision care.

This includes eye examinations for general vision problems such as long and shortsightedness, and focusing problems with age (presbyopia) which often necessitate the use of reading glasses for close work and computers.

The optometrists have extensive experience in assessment for signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration (maculopathy), cataracts and dry eye.

We provide intensive assessment and treatment for children and adults with a lazy eye (amblyopia) or turned eye (strabismus).

Liz Wason is Honorary Optometric Consultant to the Parkinsons’ Association.

Steve Leslie is editor of the Journal of Behavourial Optometry, and coordinates the Special Olympics Opening Eyes Program of Vision Care for children and adults with intellectual disability.

Michael Yen is one of the first optometrists in Western Australia to be able to prescribe antibiotics, steroids and glaucoma drugs to treat eye diseases. Michael shares with Liz and Steve a passion for quality, personal optometry, and is especially interested in children's vision, contact lenses and eye diseases.

Michelle Beach is an optometrist who practices orthokeratology, prescribes medicines for the eye and has experience in vision corrections for sport including diving and shooting.

Liz and Steve also offer specialised assessment and rehabilitation care for people with vision problems resulting from stroke, head injury, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions and brain injuries.

The first floor of our office is devoted to examination and treatment of children’s vision problems, whether it involves problems learning to read, or reading to learn; or lazy eye; or myopia (shortsightedness).

Included is a comprehensive vision therapy service conducted by providing exercises for these issues with a qualified vision therapist Annmarie Bishop, the largest range of children’s frames in Perth, and a large waiting room for families with a children-friendly play area.